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Traveling in Fashion was founded by Arturo Arevalo. He is a Mexican-American Influencer, World Traveler, and Influencer Marketing Manager based out of Los Angeles. He is also a fitness enthusiast who ran a 4:10 Mile in college, ran a marathon under 3 hours, and now upkeeps a disciplined lifting routine 7x a week. On this site, he discusses some of his main passions which includes Men’s Fashion, Travel, Fitness, and other Lifestyle Topics. He has a Global Education studying International Marketing in Costa Rica, Fashion Marketing & Luxury in London, and holds a business education from Harvard Business School. He has lived in several countries and has been to 18 countries creating content in each country. 


New Image Consulting!

Get the lifestyle advice you need to look and present at your best at all times. Let me give you the tools you need to invest in your image to elevate your status.

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