Might be Pricey But Worth Every Penny!

1. High quality pair of shoes — if you have the choice to go low end or high end, reach for the most expensive pair of shoes, boots, or sneakers you can afford. It will last longer, look better, and save you money in the long run.

You can find the exact boots in the picture on this Amazon link. The boots are so nice that even I picked up a pair!


2. Perfect pair of jeans — they should fit slim and feel super comfortable. Having colors that go with many outfits works best. To start off with three staple colors, go with light blue, dark blue, and black jeans.

3. Unique accessories — anything from chains to bracelets to rings. Everyone has different styles so pick accessories that best compliment your look.

4. A watch you love — whether it cost $100 or $1000, you should wear it with pride and confidence as it elevates your look. Picking a sophisticated minimal watch is great as it goes with many outfits.

You can find some classy stylish watches on MVMT’s website as well! I personally wear their watches and you can now receive 15% off with code PRINCEARTURO15.


5. Leather jacket — whatever you pay, you just feel like a badass when you rock one. It gives you that edgy look that makes you look on top of your game.

6. Great pair of shades — Quality shades here are important for them to stand out and last a long time. You get what you pay for as they say.

Find your stylish pair on Amazon for a fraction of the price.


7. Athleisure and athletic wear — whatever the brand just make sure they fit better, feel better, and last a while. Besides working out, these are great to go out to do a casual errand in fashion.

8. Masculine fragrance — whether you spend $20 on a cologne at H&M or $300+ for Creed Aventus, if you spray it on and you feel more confident, that’s all that matters.

9. Custom suit or custom white dress shirt — nothing better than slipping on an item that was built specifically for your body. Besides tailoring the next best thing would be to buy a slim fit suit that is your exact size.

10. Your smile —  regardless of what you spend to get a smile that you’re proud of, it’s absolutely worth it. Make sure to keep them teeth clean, white, and straight! Things like braces are an investment that you will enjoy the benefits long term. Even I got them before and I am glad I did.

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