How to look ten times BETTER than other Men

  1. Rock out of a cardigan — style rules include: if the collar is thick, it’s casual. If you are rocking a stylish watch, cuff the cardigan. Make sure to leave one or two bottom undone, and leave the top unbuttoned.

2. Rock suede — It’s texture and richness is what makes it stand out. Chelsea or chukkas as well as sneakers works well. Texture matters too and when people feel how nice it feels you will enjoy the compliments.

3. Rock white minimal sneakers — The great thing about white shoes is that they match with everything. Not only does it keep things simple but It also offers a clean sleek look to any outfit you decide on.

4. Wear sleeves that are short — it’s all about exposing the triceps to make them look bigger and more muscular. The best way to show them off would be to wear slim fit short sleeves. You can also roll the sleeves of a dress shirt to achieve a similar look.

5. Rock a unique stylish watch — If you are ready to upgrade your game, wear a nice watch. Something that shows the details — clean, simple, elegant. A watch shows that you got your stuff together and have somewhere to go. There are many options that are affordable as well as beautiful.

A great watch brand that I have been wearing lately is MVMT watches https://mvmt.cc/princearturo15. They are a stylish global brand based out of Los Angeles that offers Luxury looking watches at affordable prices! You can now receive 15% off by using code PRINCEARTURO15. If you want the best bang for your buck while looking good, I would check them out.

6. Rock a winter coat — You can never go wrong with this classic look. A long coat just sets you apart and adds a whole layer of class. A sophisticated look that will be sure to grab attention.

7. Rock an amazing cologne– You might be wondering how this makes you look better but trust me when I say that it does. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you perform good 😉 By spraying 2-3 sprays on your stylish outfit before going out, it makes you feel more confident and it will show in the way you carry yourself.

8. Rock a turtleneck under a suit — it’s an automatic head turning style item piece. If you want to dress to impress, rock a black fitted turtleneck.

9. Wear gradient lens sunglasses — you will look better than everyone else. The right pair of sunglasses sets you apart in a crowd. It adds that edgy mysterious look that attracts attention.

10. Work Out— Fitness should be engraved in your day to day lifestyle for the health benefits alone. Looking fit is another benefit that will help you look better than other guys. The great thing about working out is that it adds value to other sections of your life. A great perk of a built physique is that you look better when wearing anything that shows off your body’s structure.

If you’re working out at home like most people, it’s important to have your own line up of workout equipment at your disposal. Here are a couple of items I use when I do my at-home workouts. See if any of these would work for you!


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