5 Mistakes That High-Value Men NEVER Make!

How some high value men are perceived as low value

  • Having a Weak mindset — don’t be a quitter in life. When life gets tough you have to keep your head up and handle the situation. Whether it’s physical, financial, or emotional you have to keep a strong mind and press forward to grow from the struggle at hand. If you stay in your comfort zone, you’re just holding yourself back from performing at your best version. 

  • Loses their identity when dating —  don’t just give up on your hobbies and passions that you had going before dating. It’s important to keep your own personal life interesting outside of dating. You should stay true to who you are and not try acting differently to impress your partner.
  • Neglects themselves physically — high value men exercise and keep themselves in shape througout the relationship. No one likes when their partner lets themselves go and starts to change dramactily in a negative sense. You should be fit for your own health first and second to stay attractive long term 🙂
Large group of exercise machines and equipment in a gym.
  • Allows themselves to be taken advantage of — if you act like a b*tch, you’re going to get the short end of the stick. Stand up for yourself and command respect. They say people tend to treat you the way you treat yourself. Stand your ground when it calls for and don’t be a push over either. You can have to know when to say no and know when someone is trying to take advantage of you.
  • Waits for things to happen — they blame everyone for why their life sucks. They complain and don’t do anything to improve their situation. Instead take ownership of the situation and do something productive about it. Life is unfair to many of us but with some hustle and execution, great improvements can be made. If you really want something, prove it to yourself and take action everyday to get yourself closer to making it happen! No excuses!

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