Summer Style mistakes- When it comes to seasonal style mistakes, summertime is the worst.

Make sure to follow these style rules to flex your best this summer!

1. All polo shirts and T-shirts are not created equal —  you need three shirts in your wardrobe: white, navy, and black. Opt for solid instead of stripes. The fit should be a slim fit so it brings out the best in your physique.  You want to make sure you have triceps exposure too. Aim for higher quality polos and t-shirts so they look better on you and last longer!

2. White shoes need to be kept white — if they’re nasty, discolored, or dirty, your style will suffer. Clean them. White shoes when kept looking white are great because they match with everything. Keeping your shoes white long term says a lot about you!

3. Denim should be lighter tones in the summer with lighter colored t-shirts when out. On the other hand, winter would see more of darker denim colors.

4. Shorts should fit properly above the knee— make sure they FIT and are not big & baggy and hanging down past your knee. You can play with the colors as long as they match with the rest of your outfit.

5. Go bold with accessories — stand out from the crowd and wear accessories such as rings, chains, bracelets, and earrings. Don’t forget one of the important summer accessories, sunglasses! The right pair of shades will elevate your outfit look a couple notches.

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