Learn from these lessons to be happier & healthier!

1. Standing up for yourself — don’t let people push you around and treat you poorly. Live your life for yourself. Remove yourself from toxic people and surround yourself with positive like-minded people. No one is going to care as much about your success as you, so focus on your goals and go after them.

2. Embracing adversity and challenges — they give your life meaning and help you grow as a person. Fail until you succeed. Facing rejection and your fears is part of the process principle that one needs to overcome. I personally always like to seek challenges because I know they will help me grow and become stronger mentally and physically.

3. Living life to the fullest- Life is short! It’s important to live life to the fullest now, not when you’re 65 and retired. Tomorrow is not promised. Get out and see the world and do things on your bucket list starting now! Often time people put off doing adventurous things until later in life, when it may not end up happening due to health reasons or family responsibilities.

4. Make your health a priority — just because you ‘look’ good doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy. Make fitness part of your everyday lifestyle. The first real wealth in life is health. It is a positive healthy habit that translates many positive benefits to other areas of your life. The great thing about fitness is there are many avenues to achieve fitness through weight lifting, running, swimming, or intensity workouts like Cross Fit.

5. Connecting with friends and family — they will be in your life until they’re not, which can come rather unexpectedly. Appreciate them now! As we move to different cities and places, it can be easy to lose contact with those loved ones back home. Make sure to keep in touch with those close friends you had, they can also make great professional connections down the road.

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