Men’s trends that women HATE!

1. A guy that takes too many selfies and posts them everywhere — these guys look like they’re too into themselves and appear high-maintenance. You can post an occasional selfie and post pictures but don’t overdo it.

2. Guys that are super cocky — these guys are getting into plastic surgery, showing off big muscles, flexing cars in your face, and bragging all day left and right. They make it seem like they can get any girl and have a high ego which can be a turn off for most girls.

3. Guys who wear super tight, skin-tight clothing. It can come off as feminine and even make it seem like he’s competing with her. Give your boys some room to breathe and keep it slim fit as most.

4. Men who wear feminine jewelry and accessories. It’s always nice to experiment and stand out but just don’t overdo it. Find your style on what looks best on you.

5. The socks and sandals combination. Classic style mistake that most men made growing up, even me! If your going to rock socks might as well wear shoes.

6. Guys who tattoo their face and hands with dumb designs— technically they can be removed, but your face, neck, and hands should be normally ‘tattoo off-limits’. The exemption is if you’re a rapper or rich, then you can look however you want. Some face tats on people look cool but think long and hard before you ink! Give it 6-months if you want a tattoo really bad — and if you still want it, get it at your own risk…

7. Guys who are too into fashion. Guys who dress better than the girl! Girls don’t want to feel like they’re competing with their man. Girls won’t like it when the guy takes longer to get ready than her.

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