7 POWERFUL Non-Verbal Ways to Turn a Girl On!

1. Dance — it’s emotional and sexual. Show her your Latin moves and woe her into your arms. Girls love to dance and they love it even more when a guy can dance. 

2. Do something unpredictable — when you settle into a relationship, you can get complacent. Try something bold and exciting which will keep the engine steaming.

3. Be more assertive – If you know there’s attraction, just do it and make your move! Be confident and persistent is key! It’s better to know you tried your best than regreting never making a move.

4. Smell Good — you already smell amazing and scents are powerful. Although, if you smell the same every day, it loses its effect. On a date night, wear a special cologne and you’ll be sure to make an impression 🙂 I like to keep 3 colognes, one for a casual date during the day, one for a fancy occasion, and one for a night out at a club or bar.

5. Cook her dinner — doesn’t have to be a 5-course meal;  just the act of you finding the recipe, planning it, going shopping, and then cooking it will make her head explode. It’s the effort that matters!

6. Dress better — wear pants and jeans that make your body look amazing. Not baggy! Nothing sloppy! Get a new outfit, and she will notice that you look better, made an effort, and notice the other spicy senoritas checking you out 😉

7. Work on yourself — girls like men who pursue their hobbies and passions. They have their own life outside of them and they show it through their actions and social life. This shows you have something going for you and they want to be part of the fun and possibly your future!

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