7 Reasons You’re NOT as Attractive as You THINK!

1. Laziness — men who work hard and are motivated are viewed as more attractive than those who are not. No one likes a lazy ass guy, be goal-oriented and it will show through your actions.


2. Being untrustworthy- It’s hard to trust a lier and a cheater. Once you get caught, it’s hard to earn that trust back easily. Reputation is everything so it’s best to avoid going down that path.


3. Dressing sloppy — your style is your responsibility; make sure to wear clothes that suit you well and fit properly. In our society, image is very important, and it sends a subliminal message about you to others. If you’re strapped for cash you can visit thrift stores, second-hand stores, and discount racks to find incredible deals. A great time I like to stock up on stylish attire is on Black Friday and around Christmas time to get the best deals.

4. Rocking a lame haircut — your hairstyle should be right for your face shape; if your hair is inconsistent with your style, you can always change it. Lots of girls have their preferences of hairstyles so they do view it as an attraction factor. You can try different haircut styles until you find the best one that works best for you.


5. Not being authentic — posting pictures and stories on social media trying to be someone you’re not is not impressive. It looks like you’re trying too hard. Be comfortable in your own skin, and don’t try to be fake just to impress others.


6. Out of Shape- You may be overweight and don’t look after your health. That may turn girls off especially if they care about fitness and health. It’s best to stay healthy and in shape for your own well being. 

Once you get into your workout routine, you can start implementing protein into your diet to maximize your gains. A brand I like to use is Orgain https://bit.ly/3vzuUmN. They offer organic plant-based protein options with many great tasting flavors. 

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7. Negative vibes- No one likes to be around someone who is always negative or always talking gossip about other people. Negative vibes spread onto you when you spend enough time with a toxic person. It’s best to keep those people at a distance for your own sanity.



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