8 Essential Things to Pack for Traveling

When packing for a trip, having a list of important items is necessary. That’s why we’ve included a complete travel packing checklist so whenever your trip occurs ready, you’ll be prepared for any occasion. (Read below to see our 8 must haves for traveling).

Don’t forget these travel must haves on your next trip!

Don’t forget something!

Check out these 8 personally selected travel essentials that you should include on your next adventure.

  1. A Fanny Pack

I have this exact Adidas fanny pack that I bought before my trip to Rosarito and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico! The reason they are versatile is because you don’t have to worry about being pick pocketed in crowded areas! Especially if your out and about and having some drinks with some friends, the last time you want to worry about is your things getting stolen. In my case I was going to the largest Latin Reggaeton festival in the world Baja Beach Fest, and I didn’t want to worry about my belongings when having a wild time. It also works great for both men and women when you don’t have any pockets and need to carry some important essentials with you. I will be sure to bring this stylish fanny pack on the next country I visit as well.

You can find this one online at https://amzn.to/3o2uAMj

2. Stylish Comfortable Clothing

Why settle for regular comfortable clothes when you can travel in style as well. That is where athleisure clothing comes in the picture as seen above. These outfits are great if your going through the airport, having a workout when it’s cold, or just exploring downtown looking for souvenirs. Its versatile because it can be worn in several occasions and you look good without trying too hard. Having a monotone color also makes you stand out which is great when traveling in fashion. A great brand that offers these high quality comfortable outfits in several colors are ESNTLS.

You can find these outfits for 10% off here https://www.esntls.co/?ref=kg_v2_c-y-iz

3. Portable Teeth Whitening Kit

Everyone wants to look their best when going on their next vacation. Why limit the prep work beforehand when you can look on point during vacation. Brytn Smile is a portable Premium Teeth Whitening Kit that you can use while vacationing or working abroad. It comes with 3 whitening gel pens and a mouth guard that lights up in two colors, blue to help white and purple to help kill odor bacteria! It’s also vegan, cruelty free, waterproof, and gluten free. I use this product myself now and have been having some great results. I actually took it with me while on my recent week long trip to Cabo San Lucas and it was convenient using it in my hotel before going out.

You can get this exact whitening kit for 25% off here!


4. A Passport Holder

This may not seem important as first but the more you travel, the more this can become handy. A passport not only helps protect your passport from traveling damages but it also helps you stay organized as you can put cards and cash in there with it as well. At a certain point it just becomes a hassle of going to the airport bag check in station and you have to find your passport within your bag. As I started to see scratches and marks on mine, I decided to invest in a leather passport holder. Pick one up for yourself and you’ll see the difference it makes.

You can find leather passport holders on here https://amzn.to/2Z200rp

5. A Portable Charger

There has been many situations where a portable charger has saved my life when exploring other countries. From being lost to having to order an Uber home at 3am, having enough phone battery is essential! Enough battery is also important to meet up with friends or family when out and about at night. If I know I will be exploring all day and recording videos in addition to taking pictures, I just bring along a portable charger to be safe. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

You can find a great portable charger here https://amzn.to/3zuVbUk

6. Sunglasses

Your look would not be complete in any tropical paradise without a sleek pair of sunglasses. It’s just something that adds to the fun traveling vibe that you can not go without. Any country that I visit, I always have a pair with me. They are versatile because they almost always make you look for pictures despite the brightness outside. The brand doesn’t matter as much as how it fits your face and if you can rock the look. A quality durable pair is worth investing so it can last you a while wherever you may go.

You can find a great pair of sunglasses here https://amzn.to/2ZczbRA

7. Hydroflask

When on the road it’s essential to have your portable water bottle with you.There is always a situation that you will need it when abroad. I don’t like to buy plastic water bottles so I always carry my Hydroflask with me. I have the army green 24oz version and it always comes in handy! It’s a great way to not only do your part for the environment but also look stylish while holding one. They come in many colors and a great perk is that they can keep your drink inside either hot or cold for hours on end. Give one a shot and you’ll never go back!

You can find different colors of Hydroflasks here https://amzn.to/2VTskLs

8. Earphones

When traveling there will always be some down time to listen to music or watch some videos. It always sucks when you do want to use them and you don’t have any. They will always be useful in situations that include airplanes, trains, bus, airports and gyms. I like to use my Air Pods Pro when working out at the gym and wired earphones for any other situation. It really comes down to personal preference in picking which one works best for you.

You can find a great pair of wired earphones here https://amzn.to/3koZA6N

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