• Stylish pair of boots — rock boots in the fall and winter with a leather jack and you’re all set. Winter is my favorite time of the year and I think it’s the best time to show one’s complete style. There are many great boot options such as Chelsea boots, Chukka boots, and Plain Toe boots.
  • Puffer jacket — it keeps you warm, and you can pack it up into a bag when you’re out and active. They also look great paired with athleisure wear and denim.
  • Fur Collared Jacket — any jacket with a fur-lined hood or collar looks badass. The hoods look unique and are super warm. They look great with denim and paired with brown boots.
  • Leather gloves –– stay warm while looking stylish by wearing leather gloves. I really like brown leader ones that you can match with any winter outfit.

I really like the ones they offer on Amazon as they have a great selection. Check out my favorite pair on this link.


  • Turtle Neck- a classic staple that you can wear under a coat, blazer, or jacket. The best color to own is black as it matches with anything and even looks good on its own.

You can check out all the colors and styles they come on here.


  • The peacoat — it’s a men’s must-have paired with jeans and boots or classy shoes. The best colors to start with would be navy blue or a khaki tan color.
  • Sweaters — These can be casual hoodies to go out or sweaters for your gym workouts. These are great as they come in many colors and are pretty affordable.
  • Tracksuit– These athleisure outfits have been trending for a while now and if you check out some of the cool designs they come in, you’ll see why. These are great for the gym and even your casual weekend errands. Now that gym workouts are outside, these are perfect to combat the cold or windy weather.

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