Great Style On A Budget | 5 Tips To Look Stylish While Tight With Money | Build A Wardrobe On a Budget

You don’t have any money? You don’t have to be rich to dress sharp! You just need to do some smart buying decisions. If you want it, you will find a way to get it. The majority of men are on a budget including me. Being a stylish gentleman has little to do with the amount of money you make. Of course, being more financially secure does make it easier, but there are ways to become and remain stylish without having a lot of money.

#1 Stop Buying Extra Clothing You’re Never Going To Wear

This is not as easy as it sounds. Don’t let the small sales pull you into purchasing something just because it’s at a 25% discount. It may not be as expensive as full price but it’s a waste of money nonetheless. Buying pieces that you’re not going to wear is just buying stuff you don’t actually need. For a more strategic approach, do the following:

  • Save Money – find places in your budget that you can cut costs so that you can purchase the quality items that your wardrobe needs. Saving money is always a good practice that will benefit you in the long run besides purchasing clothes.
  • Buy items that are Interchangeable – Begin with a classic suit and a classy shoe such as a double monk strap shoe or an oxford. These classic pieces can be the foundation of your wardrobe and other pieces can be built around them. Buying cheaper items such as pocket squares and ties will change up the look of the suit.
  • Build Versatile Outfits – This goes along with interchangeable accessories. A versatile outfit is something that can be worn in many different ways. Casual outfits are easy to do this with. Think of white/ black fitted v-necks that can match anything. The interchangeable pieces that are purchased should be used to build core outfits. Think of each core outfit as 3 in 1. If you can make your one outfit into 3 unique ones with slight changes, then you’ve achieved interchangeability and build a standard outfit.
  • A great brand to start off with would be ESNTLS. They offer high-quality staple outfits that are not only versatile but also interchangeable. You can even get 10% off right now by using code ARTURO10. You can check them out here

#2 Stop Paying Full Price For Clothes

Don’t just buy anything off the clearance rack just because it’s at a deep discount. If you find a stylish outfit but it’s outside of your budget, wait a few weeks for the sale.

You should aim to build your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost. Below are a few ways to find out when your favorite store has sales going on along with other money-saving tips.

  • Sign up for the brand email list – This can be done by visiting the website of stores and brands and submitting your email in their subscribe section.
  • Sign up for rewards programs – many stores have rewards programs that give discounts to members of the program. This is a great option because stores and brands notify you via email when sales are going on.
  • Shop At The Big Sale Events – At the end of a season, all items go on sale. Just don’t buy items just because they are on sale, but rather look for the essential items you need to build your core wardrobe. This will also save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Outlets & Thrift Stores – These places are a must! You can find amazing deals and vintage treasures here. I’m a big fan of outlets because they always have stylish clothes on discounts compared to the malls which are more expensive.

#3 Stop Being Lazy When it Comes to Style

Gentlemen, you are responsible for educating yourself about style. The only way you’re going to find your style is to learn about men’s fashion and see what works for you.

When you go out to try on clothes and learn about about menswear online you will start to spot amazing deals.

You will also begin to know what to look for when you go into stores and already know what you like. Other ways to learn more are:

  • Visit men’s style blogs that resonate with you – Everyone’s style aesthetic is different so search for a blog that has the content that vibes the best with you.
  • Read books and magazines about menswear and men’s style – Magazines are great for the visuals and to see what’s currently trending. They curate their content really well and visually give you ideas to pull from. They also allow you to get an inside look at brands and fashion designers.
  • Take a class about style – You can now take an online course at a top fashion school or even take an Image Consulting class that provides personal style and lifestyle advice to your current situation along with goals.

#4 Buy Outfits that Are Already Well Fitted

Alterations are essential to having a great style. If you’re not able to afford a tailored-made piece, go for outfits that come already tailored.

However, alterations can be pricey and this can stop some men from doing them. It’s best to do your due diligence in learning how to perform basic alterations that don’t require extensive training. Simple alterations that can be done at home are always a plus to learn.

I don’t like to spend extra money to tailor an outfit so I’ll try and find the outfit in my perfect size and as slim fit as possible to get a very similar look. Of course, there are special occasions in a man’s life when tailoring a suit is wouldn’t hurt.

#5 Start Caring About Your Image

If you don’t care or have a driving force that motivates you, then you’re not going to make a lasting change in your life. This is true about all parts of life with style being included.

Motivators are personal. For some, it can be your familia. For others, it could be that you are starting an online business. It could be your image on social media or wanting to attract many girls. Use whatever inspiring force you have in your life. Style must also stay a priority.

There are major benefits of caring about your style. Most notably is the boost in confidence that it will give you. That will translate into every part of your life. Colleagues at work will notice it. Your relationships will benefit from it. Start caring about style and watch it work in your favor. I like to believe that if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you perform good!

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