The Best Travel Websites to use in 2021

With all the travel booking websites on the market today, finding the best deals for your travels can be time-consuming. Thankfully, there are several top travel websites you can use when booking flights, hotels, and tours.

From flight options to hostel and hotel booking sites, the websites in this list will make planning and booking your travels a little easier. Whether you’re trying to score cheap flights or find the best tour on the other side of the world, these are the best travel sites for making it happen.

I have personally used every single company on this list for booking travel, and most have played a crucial role in allowing me to travel around the world. These are the best travel booking sites that I use for helping you plan the best trip.

Cheap Flight Booking Websites & Search Engines

In the world of online travel, booking a flight is one of the most important initial steps to having a great trip. And unless you’re planning on spending hundreds to sip wine in first class, the cost of your ticket will probably be a significant deciding factor on what you book.

Although you could book directly with the airlines, using booking sites allows you to compare prices to find the best rates for your trip. To help you figure out where to book your next flight, consider one of the flight search engine booking sites in this section.

1. Google Flights

Google Flights

Google Flights is always a good start to turn to when looking for airfare. They scan through all available flight options for both major and minor airlines and then sort through search results to show you the best possible option for your trip.

The calendar view makes it easy to pick dates with the best price. And if you haven’t locked down a date, you can check for flights with their flexible date tool. For example, you can search for the cheapest flight in March or even a one-week trip in the next three months.

If you’re also flexible with your destination, you can view flight search results by continent or country. This flexible search is an excellent option if you’re looking for a last-minute weekend getaway without a set destination in mind.

And unlike other websites, Google Flights will make sure you’re getting the best rates by offering money-saving recommendations. They’ll let you know that by flying in two days later — or to a different airport nearby — you could save even more money.

Whether you’re booking a weekend getaway to Las Vegas or simply browsing for global inspiration, start with Google Flights!

2. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a top-flight search engine and is always great to look at after Google Flights. They search through over 1,200 different airline companies and similar sites to compare the best offers for your travels.

You can also use their “Everywhere” search engine to look up the cheapest flight going anywhere in the world. The search results show the average price for a country, so you’ll need to narrow down the search by city to see the exact price.

The “Cheapest Month” feature also shows the cheapest time to fly to your destination throughout the whole year. If you’re not sure where or when to go, the information in these tools may be useful to compare prices and offers.

You can also set price alerts to email you if your desired route has dropped in price. It’s a useful little trick that could save you hundreds of dollars if you start searching several weeks or months in advance.

4. Expedia

Expedia is also a great website I often use for ease of use and convenience when booking a flight on the go. I always know I can trust their page and everything is accurate when booking.

Sometimes I had to change my flight itinerary or use my flight credit toward a flight and their customer service team always solved my issues. You will often be on hold when calling but you can just leave your number and they will call you when you’re next in line! This is a huge time saver that allows you to go on about your day without waiting on hold.

Another bonus is that they offer travel points that you can redeem towards a flight. The more you fly the more points start to rack up and they don’t expire either. They also offer optional travel insurance for your flight and travel luggage in case anything comes up unexpectedly. I also like that I can text notifications to keep me updated on my upcoming flights.

Best Hotel Search Engines & Booking Sites

Finding the right accommodation is one of the most important decisions to make while traveling. Location, amenities, and cost are all factors to consider when looking for the right hotel or hostel for your adventure.

And while there are dozens of hotel booking websites to choose from, finding the right place doesn’t have to be complicated. Over the years, I’ve researched the web to find the best hotel search engines and booking sites. These are the ones I use the most. 

6. has, by far, the largest number of hotel search results. With over 5.7 million listings in 227 countries, they’re the first place you should look to find hotels online. In addition to hotels, also has hostels, guesthouses, apartments, and vacation homes available for rent.

With, the advertised price is the final price you pay. Other booking sites may have hidden taxes and fees that aren’t explicitly stated, so you’ll end up paying more than you thought at the reservation desk. Yet with, there are no unexpected fees or hidden resort charges!

All reservations come with a price match guarantee. That means will refund the difference if you find a lower price for your hotel on another website after you book. Best of all, you can claim a refund up to 24 hours before your check-in date.

And once you make your second booking, you’ll automatically become a Genius, which rewards you with member-only discounts and offers. Genius members receive 10% to 15% off rates, free breakfast, and free room upgrades at select properties around the world.

From flight aggregators to hostel and hotel booking sites, the websites in this list will make planning and booking your travels a little easier. Whether you’re trying to score cheap flights or find the best tour on the other side of the world, these are the best travel sites for making it happen.

7. Airbnb

Airbnb may not offer hotels but do they offer something just as good. You get to get to stay at a condo or home while on vacation which gives you access to everything in it. They usually come with a kitchen and living room that gives you more space to enjoy than a traditional hotel room would.

Depending on the location I’m traveling to, I tend to go back and forth between booking a hotel room or reserve a condo on Airbnb. If I can catch a great deal and a good location I would prefer Airbnb because of the bigger space provided. When you find yourself stuck deciding between two options, always look at the reviews from previous guests to see how their experience was.

A great feature they offer is that you get to message the host online to answer any of your questions before arriving. They also usually offer great tips when you arrive at the best restaurants, bars, and stores nearby.

Airbnb is worth taking a look at when looking at your options. Sometimes you can find out that staying at an Airbnb would be cheaper than staying at a hotel for the same number of days.

8. Hostelworld


Hostelworld is the top resource for researching and booking hostels all over the world. They operate in over 178 countries and have a database of seemingly every hostel in existence. I used them extensively when traveling around Europe and became a big fan of them since.

When looking for a hostel, you’ll find accurate ratings and reviews from real users on this booking site. The review score considers information about security, facilities, services, atmosphere, and overall value for your money. They only accept reviews from people who have booked through Hostelworld, so you know the reviews are genuine. 

If you want to save money, Hostelworld is an excellent option for those on a tight budget. That’s because most hostels allow you to book a bed in a dorm room, which is far cheaper than booking a private room at a hotel. But if you want some extra privacy, some hostels have private rooms for a little more.

In the search results, you’ll be able to filter hostels by certain amenities, like free breakfast or on-site laundry facilities. You’ll also see a list of different events happening at the hostel during your stay. From pool parties to bar crawls, Hostelworld makes it easy to plan an action-packed itinerary. Most also offer Free WiFi and adventure tours at a discounted price that you can take advantage of.

If something were to go wrong with your booking, then Hostelworld has you covered! They’ll give you $50 towards a future stay if the hotel can’t find your reservation during check-in. It’s always a fun time when staying at a new hostel and you get to meet other travelers from around the world :).

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