Things Women Want a Man to Do!

Women are beautiful, seductive, and mysterious — but also crazy. Follow these tips to keep your A-game strong! Keep that romance going and the fire burning!

1. Be proud you are with them — treat her like a princess, demonstrate your love for her, and be a gentleman. Actions speak louder than words and a little effort can go a long way. Be romantic and you’ll be remembered long after the day is over.

2. Introduce her to your friends with excitement and hype her up — create a social code for her to know to step-in and introduce herself in social events when hanging out with other friends. Girls like to be shown off so don’t keep her hidden from everyone!

3. Know how to perform in the bedroom — ask her what her favorite is and how she likes certain things performed. Flirt and build sexual tension this way naturally. Good sexual activity is one of the keys to a long successful relationship.

4. Show her you appreciate her. It’s the little things that matter gentlemen! Sometimes our women do a lot for us and it’s nice when they see we return the favor and surprise her unexpectedly. It’s the thought that matters.

5. Smell good and be clean — regularly change your sheets, light scented candles, clean your room, and have a clean car. This shows a woman you got your stuff together and are well-composed. It always makes a great impression overall when taken into consideration among other factors.

6. Be chivalrous — always open the door for her and show great manners. Continuously tell her that she’s beautiful — don’t get comfortable! Remind her and give her great compliments. Women like to feel pampered and taken care of, so show her she is the world to you in your eyes.

7. Be loyal! Women want men to be loyal and not have to worry that they’re with other women. You wouldn’t want to be cheated on yourself so don’t be that person. Actions speak louder than words gentlemen! If you would like to mess up around, just become single and avoid the cheating part >;)

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